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While some chiropractors simply crack the neck and spine to achieve temporary relief of symptoms, At Precision Chiropractic Center,  the focus is on specific upper cervical adjustments.  An adjustment of the C1 vertebra as performed at Precision Chiropractic Center is both gentle and specific. We do not adjust the spine without first taking X-rays, which are then analyzed and subjected to mathematic formulas. This allows us to find the most accurate angle and minimal force needed to align the vertebra. The result is a non-invasive adjustment that treats the root of the problem.


What to Expect on Your First Visit?

Dr. Meiling Liang will start with a case history. Be sure to inform her of any traumas, whether in the distant or recent past, such as falls or car accidents. Before any X-rays are taken, Dr. Liang will perform a check of the body balance called a “leg check.” A neurological disturbance in the cervical (neck) area produces a distortion along the entire spinal column and results in a leg differential. The leg check does not determine what is wrong; it is not the cause of the problem, but is an observable result of the problem that can indicate whether chiropractic care is needed.

Next, it is necessary to X-ray the bone structure, because the subluxation is too small to be seen or felt from the surface. Three views are taken. The lateral (side) view is first, and analyzed to determine the angle at which the nasal (front) view should be taken. Last is a vertex (from above) view. These three planes allow the doctor to make a complete analysis of the subluxation. Patients are placed very precisely so that they are not subjected to high power X-rays. The doctor’s analyses are applied to formulas, which give the exact direction from which a corrective force must come to correct the subluxation.

Who Can Benefit?

Because specific atlas adjustment chiropractic care is so gentle and effective, it is the best treatment for everyone from babies to elderly adults. Athletes, car accident victims, sufferers of chronic headaches, and those with poor posture may benefit from upper cervical adjustment.  Pain is not the only indication of a problem, and early detection and treatment is always easier than undoing years of spinal compensation!